Why Mobile Marketers Must Sharpen Focus On Digital Moms

Topic: Mobile Marketing | Author: Lisa Ciangiulli | Date: July 27, 2012
digital moms mobile marketing

Digital moms reach to mobile every stage of the purchase funnel, to research purchases and to make smart and informed shopping choices. As a whole, this mobile-savvy demographic is earning, spending, and influencing spending at a greate…

#DearKen: How Do I “Pinterest-ize” My Marketing Content?

Topic: Social Media | Author: Ken Herron | Date: May 10, 2012
pinterest how-to

Appearing to pop up out of nowhere, Pinterest has become the third largest social network on the planet. As I shared the value of co-publishing (shameless plug alert!) with you in my last MobileGroove column, my hope is that you are already h…